Taipei Digital Stimulus Vouchers NT$1,000 discount for accommodation

Activity date

Activity Method / Booking Notice
1. Download the "Taipei Pass" APP and register for the lucky draw. Winners will enjoy a discount of NT$1,000 per room for accommodation.
2. This activity is available for booking via hotel official website, telephone, email or fax only. Anyone who uses third-party websites/travel agencies/contract companies/accommodation vouchers/discount coupons/bonus redemptions will not be eligible for activity discounts.
3. Consumption deduction method: At the time of checkout, click on the ticket in the ticket folder of the Taipei Pass APP. After opening the ticket folder, the screen will show whether it is a valid ticket. After clicking on the ticket, a scanner will appear. Please scan the QRcode dedicated to the store’s event, click to confirm use, and then show the screen to the hotel staff for confirmation, and the consumption discount will be completed.
4. ‘’Taipei Digital Stimulus Vouchers’’ No cash exchange, no change, no stored value; once used, misused, mistakenly deleted or expired, it will not be reissued.
5. Only one "Taipei Digital Stimulus Vouchers" NT$1,000 per room can be discounted, but it can be combined with "Five Times Coupon" and "International Travel Coupon"

Package Period
2021/11/05 - 2022/02/28
Room Type
Urban Room, Classic Room, Deluxe Room, Premium Room, Proverbs Room

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