Quarantine Hotel Check-in Procedure & Regulations

Documents required for check-in

Photos to be provided before check-in
1. Photos of your passport/ID
2. COVID-19 nucleic acid test negative report

Photos to be taken & sent after check-in and enter the room
1. Self quarantine guest registration card
2. Self-Health Management Pledge

Check-in & check-out regulations

- According to latest border control & quarantine policy effective from Dec.1st 2020, all inbound and transfer. passengers(regardless of nationality)must submit a certificate of negative COVID-19 test result conducted within 3 days prior to boarding.
- All self quarantine guests of the hotel must undergo a PCR test as required by CDC 2-3 days prior to check-out. This test will be conducted by medical personnel at the hotel, and check-out will only be allowed with a negative test result.
- Transportation to & from the airport must be by designated pandemic-prevention taxis at the airports.

Check-in procedure

After enter Taiwan:landing → initial inspection → taking a designated pandemic-prevention taxi → heading for "HOTEL PROVERBS Taipei - No. 56, Sec. 1, Da’an Road, Da’an Dist., Taipei City" → contact the hotel via LINE or telephone once take on the taxi, and provide information including license plate number of the taxi, electronic version of COVID-19 Health Declaration & Home Quarantine Notice → wear a mask before getting off the taxi → arrive the hotel and measure temperature with automatic temperature meter, sanitize hands with alcohol, luggage disinfected by our receptionist, and present COVID-19 Health Declaration.


- The hotel will deliver boxed meals to guest rooms during every meal-serving hours. There will be no refund even if the meals are not requested or not eaten.
- Please inform the hotel upon making the reservation for dietary restrictions from religion or personal needs.
- Delivery hours:Breakfast 08:00am~09:00am/Lunch 12:00pm~01:00pm/Afternoon tea 04:00pm~05:00pm/Dinner 06:30pm~07:30pm

Package Period
2021/12/13 - 2022/09/12

Special Offers

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