Self Quarantine at Hotel Instructions

Q1. Can my family stay in the same room for self quarantine as we all travel back together?

According to the regulations announced by CECC and Taipei City Department of Information & Tourism, self quarantine undergoers who meet the criteria listed below and require caretaking shall be excepted from "one person one residence" policy, effective from April 30th 2021. 
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Criteria for self quarantine requiring caretaking, effective from April 30th, 2021
1. Juveniles(under 18)
2. Over 65 and dependent on others
3. People with physical or mental disabilities
4. People with physical or mental incapacities
5. People with severe illness or injuries
6. Females in pregnancy and are evaluated by doctors as should be taken care of by others
7. People dependent on others due to injuries or diseases
8. Under other conditions evaluated and agreed by local government

1. "Dependent" refers to individuals require assistance to complete daily activities such as eating, cleaning, clothing, going to the toilet, and moving about.
2. Individuals meet criteria 1 to 7 can present related documents to the hotel, and will be able to check-in once the hotel confirms the availability of rooms. There's no need for further confirmation from the authorities.

In addition, according to the announcement of CECC, from December 14, 2021 to February 14, 2022, family members/residents who enter the country on the same day can choose to live together in a quarantine hotel or a centralized quarantine center at their own expense. Those who are qualified can live in 1 room in accordance with the room type of the quarantine hotel.
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Q2. Who are eligible for HOTEL PROVERBS Taipei's "Self quarantine accommodation package"?

HOTEL PROVERBS Taipei will accommodate guests returning from abroad and needing to undergo self quarantine. Please contact your district public health center for assistance if you need to undergo home(self)isolation or self health management.

Q3. When are the check-in and check-out time?

Check-in time is after 03:00pm, and check-out time before 12:00pm(please inform the hotel in advance of early check-in or late check-out. Subject to additional charges.)

Q4. When are the meals delivered in this "Self quarantine accommodation package"?

Breakfast 08:00am~09:00am/Lunch 12:00pm~01:00pm/Afternoon tea 04:00pm~05:00pm/Dinner 06:30pm~07:30pm

Click for menu , and there is a copy of printed menu on the desk as well for you to choose from.

Q5. Can I order food deliveries?

Yes, and please clearly state your full name(please don't use abbreviation)and room number for the deliverer to notify the front desk. The food will be delivered at the nearest meal delivering time, so please make sure to have your orders delivered accordingly.
Breakfast 08:00am~09:00am/Lunch 12:00pm~01:00pm/Afternoon tea 04:00pm~05:00pm/Dinner 06:30pm~07:30pm

Q6. Can I ask the hotel to make purchases on my behalf?

The hotel will only help collect the merchandise you purchased and fully paid online. We do not provide procurement services.

Q7. Will there be any refund if I don’t take the meals provided by the hotel and prepare my own meals instead?

Sorry, but there will be no refund.

Q8. How do I dispose the trash in the room?

The trash will be collected once a day before 03:00pm. Please put the trash into the trash bag in the room, tie the opening and place it in the trash can outside your room for collecting. Please do not take out the trash at any other time.

Q9. Does the hotel provide laundry service?

No. According to the regulations, laundry services are not available for self quarantine guests during the pandemic prevention time. Please make sure that you have packed enough clothings for the stay.

Q10. Can I leave the room during my quarantine stay at the hotel?

No, leaving your room during the self quarantine period is strictly prohibited. Any violation will be reported to the authority as required by the regulations.

Q11. What should I do if I fall ill during my self quarantine period?

Please contact the front desk immediately, and the staff will help consult the authorities to determine the need of hospitalization. Please note: should the authorities decide that hospitalization is needed, you will not be returning to the hotel, so please pack your luggage and take them with you. The hotel will charge two nights' room rate as the disinfection fee, and the remaining amount will be refunded.

Q12. Is there WIFI in the room?

Free WIFI is available in the room. Name:HOTEL PROVERBS/Password:27111118

Q13. Are personal hygiene amenities provided in the room?

Please inform the front desk to provide the amenities you need.

Q14. Can I stay at the hotel for self/home isolation or self health management?

No, as HOTEL PROVERBS Taipei is only for self quarantine guests from abroad.

Q15. How do I apply for quarantine compensation?

Please prepare necessary documents including photocopies of your ID card and self quarantine/isolation notification letter to apply. This one-time compensation is given according to eligible days of stay for NT$500 per day and up to NT$7,000. For more information:

Package Period
2021/12/13 - 2022/09/12

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